Forcing Youtube Safe Search

  • After some googling I came across the following rewrites that I need to do to enforce youtube safe searchs

    YouTube Safety Mode is enforced by rewriting a specific cookie in client request headers, while SafeSearch (for google etc…) is enforced by simply adding a string to the request URL (which is what the edufilter filtering does).

    a quick google of "rewrite youtube header to use safety mode" brings up some info, but most of it is at least a couple years old and I'm not sure how (or if) it could be implemented in pfSense / squidguard.

    Youtube Safe Search

    RewriteCond URL
    RewriteHeader Cookie: (.*) PREF=f2=8000000

    RewriteRule (.)?*) $$2&safety_mode=true [I,L]

    Like the write in the above, I have no ideas as to how this would look in SquidGuard. Could someone give me a hand? Thanks

  • Banned

    It is not possible to rewrite the Cookie header in Squid guard. You need to have the content scanning/modification engine. Typically ICAP protocol is used for this purpose like in

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