Clients connect but no routing with Dev Tap after restoring PFsense from BU

  • Hey folks
    For a few short weeks I was in VPN nirvana. my site-to-site IPsec tunnel was working and my road warriors could use OpenVPN to connect back in. In fact, I was even using dev tap to route layer 2 traffic - something that really helped out a lot.

    I had a hardware failure and had to restore PFsense from a very current backup. Now OpenVPN clients connect (both the server and clients report success) but no traffic is flowing. I cannot ping the gateway, dns or outside address. Additionally, after disconnecting the clients have to do a DHCP release/renew just to pass traffic on their LANs normally.

    The client routing tables look normal with everything going over tap0 … on the server the bridge between tap0 and xl0 (lan) says "listening" (which I understand to be normal).

    I'm at a loss as to how to trouble shoot this and would appreciate any advice you may have.


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