Nat and Firewall Rules .?????

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    I am not a beginner in Firewalls , nor any Linux firewall , but for the Hell of me this PFsense Firewall is not working the way it should.
    I have configured the NAT port forwarding rules for PPTP and GRE this Works. , But no other Rules are working.
    How is this possible.

    I configured a simple port forward for FTP , this is not working I dont even see the Packet being Processed by the Firewall.

    If you have this issue , please let me know.

  • Without any more information it would be difficult to say what's wrong. Are you putting your firewall rules in the correct order? Rules are applied top-down, so if you have a global block rule before an allow rule, the block will be applied first.

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    "I dont even see the Packet being Processed by the Firewall."

    Then my guess would be the packet never got to the firewall to process, and therefore how could it be forwarded..

    As Muswellhillbilly mentions without some more info it is impossible to say what your doing wrong..  Post up your port forward and your wan firewall rules and can take a look to what is not right.

    Did you go through the troubleshooting guide?

  • @hennieg:

    I dont even see the Packet being Processed by the Firewall.

    As JP says, your packets might not be hitting the firewall at all, but it's just as likely you haven't enabled logging on the forward rule. To do this, you have to tick the box marked 'Log packets that are handled by this rule' in the rule itself.

    This is, of course, all guesswork until you post some screen shots.

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