OpenVPN site-to-site tunnel fails to connect to Ubiquiti EdgeRouterX

  • ???I am currently having a very strange problem. I've got a PFSense VPN server running (unfortunately behind an edge device because I don't have control of the network), and I'm trying to create a site-to-site connection to another OpenVPN server running EdgeOS. The tunnel is created on the other side, but when I attempt to connect to it (not sure really of the settings used because it was the person on the other side trying to set it up), the connection seems to go through but then continuously flips back to a to be determined state. We're not sure whether it's this side or his side causing the issue. If it helps, my IP addressing scheme behind the Comcast nat is 10.0.0 and his is 10.21.96. This is obviously openVPN to openVPN connection, but I'm the only one using PFSense in our network, so we're just trying to find someone familiar with this scenario.

  • Unfortunately, we need more info… and since you are not in control of the remote end, that make things difficult.  There are a couple things at play... some of it may depend on the remote end's implementation of OpenVPN.... and the other is your device is behind an edge router, which means you will need to forward port 1194 (or whatever you have configured) to PFsense and possibly add a static route in your the edge router for the PFsense OpenVPN tunnel network.

    So, from my perspective, we need to know if the tunnel is actually being established and there's just a routing issue.... or are we having issues establishing the tunnel itself because of a config mismatch or possibly because of incompatible implementations of openvpn on the two devices.

    What are the logs showing?

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