PS4 Open NAT with BO3 requires manual port forward

  • It looks like uPnp on pfSense doesn't play well with the PS4. I have the PS4 on a static IP, static outbound NAT and uPnp enabled and allowed for the PS4 IP (just as described in other threads here).

    With those settings, when I start BO3 I get Moderate NAT. If I check the uPnp status on PS4 I see port 3074 open. Now if I add a manual port forward for the same port ONLY THEN I get Open NAT in BO3.

    I don't really get why that's necessary, but it seems uPnp is not enough or it doesn't fully work with PS4. I'm on the latest 2.3.1 build BTW, but the same was true with 2.2.6.

  • Doesn't play well with my xbox one or computers with steam.  Works great with my mac, though.

    The NAT forwards are enough.  I've just turned off uPNP.

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