Feature Request - Include device hostname on web header/footer

  • When I'm viewing the web GUI of multiple pfSense boxes at the same time, I have a tendency to lose track of which device I'm viewing. I've already changed settings on the wrong device several times since I updated to v2.3.

    Is it possible to display the host name of the device somewhere on the main GUI page so that I can always tell which device I'm managing?


  • Developer Netgate

    Hover your mouse over the pfSense logo.

    We have received a number of suggestions detailing other ways to display the hostname without hosing the menu. We'll probably pick one shortly.

  • It's also always in the page title, so it should be on your tabs. You can adjust whether the hostname comes before the page name (i.e. pfsense.local - Status: Dashboard) or after the page name (Status: Dashboard - pfsense.local) under System > Advanced > Browser tab text.

  • Sorry to take so long to respond to your ideas,

    Thanks for your comments. I didn't notice that the browser tab displayed the DNS host name. Of course it would be nice if the logon page showed the host name too ;-)


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