Destination alias disappears on edit, save and.. it's gone

  • When I edited a NAT rule, and saved it, suddenly the destination Alias was gone.
    Found that when 'editing' a rule, the destination field is empty, set to any in fact.
    So not putting the right alias back and saving would break the rule.
    This alias contains multiple IP's
    We now need to be very careful editing rules…

    see attachment

    I can't imagine we are the only ones?


  • Developer Netgate

    This has already been fixed in 2.3.1

    In testing the issue we did find another problem in that firewall_nat.php was not correctly displaying aliases in the NAT IP or NAT Port columns. Those have now been fixed too.

  • We also found that using an IP Alias in an other IP Alias, seemed to brake a NAT rule….


    SET        ONE, TWO

    had to change SET to the IP's in question to make it work
    so if IP's change one day, there is extra work :(

  • Is this fixed or still present?

    Is it just when using NAT it occours or is it for all rules?

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