Squid slowing down file transfer between local machines

  • When I enable Squid + squiguard (transparent) the files transfers between local machines are very slow…When it is disable, works much faster! Any tips?
    PFsense 2.2.6

  • Local machines being systems that are on the same subnet internally and talk directly? That's impossible, that traffic doesn't touch the gateway.

  • That's why I asking for help!

  • Then it sounds like you've mis-identified the cause. Traffic between two hosts on your LAN goes directly between those hosts. It doesn't matter whether or not you're running Squid on your gateway, or whether your gateway even exists at all, you can unplug it and they'll still transfer between each other the same as before.

  • It is a CIFS sharing (freenas)
    But the problem come just when I enable squid and go away after disable it… :-\

  • Squid certainly won't influence CIFS traffic either, even if it was traversing the firewall. Squid's an HTTP/HTTPS proxy. It can't do anything to CIFS.

  • I agree totally with you… But the issue only happens when the squid is enable... Probably it is misconfigurating... How can I start tracing the problem?

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