OpenVPN client for vlan only running alongside server

  • I currently have an openvpn server instance configured and want to add a client as a connection to P.I.A. I have a VM configured for with two interfaces (one VPN Vlan and the other local network). I can't route all traffic through P.I.A. because I host multiple domains. I've read some things suggesting creating a virtual gateway but am not sure how to go about that. I currently have a virtual interface on the vlan for the VPN service and have NAT rules setup. Any suggestions?

    Attached is my interface configuration.

  • To put things graphically, here's what I want to do:

    _______  <vpn vlan="">________ <vm eth0="">/
    <gateway interface="">–--------<
                                                      ________ <local net="">________</local></gateway></vm></vpn>

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