Openvpn with free-radius - time management and bandwith control

  • Hello guys,
    I've managed to setup openvpn with freeradius package, it works fine, most of radius options are working correctly, but I need to manage the maximum amount of time that each user can login per day. For example User1 should be able to use internet for 2 hours everyday during work hours. I don't want to give them specific time range. I tried to set FreeRADIUS: Users/Edit/Users/Time Configuration/Amount of Time but that doesn't seem to be working.
    Also the bandwidth rules on free-radius doesn't apply to open vpn users as well as Amount of Download and Upload Traffic.
    I can limit the traffic by assigning static IP to each user and using Traffic Shaper, but it would be great if I could mange the bandwidth and traffic by user not by IP.
    Thanks in advance.

  • any solution? dose anyone use Radius with OpenVP?  :(

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