Squid Transparent NO + pfSense Captive Portal in 2.3_1

  • So … to hum with LAB here with a Next Location:

    pfSense 2.3_1 64bits
    Squid 3.5
    Lightsquid Web Access
    I applied the patch That Marcelo Coutinho Fez ( https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=103745.0 )
    Restarted Squid And then the Portal Captive ( ate restarted )

    I like following Firewall rules

    I disabled as Rules ANY paragraph IPv4 and IPv6

    Open Doors as following these orders:

    TCP/UDP 53
    TCP 8002
    TCP80 setando para um site HTTP
    TCP 3128

    There in the SQUID

    I DO NOT put it transparent ....

    La in Internet Explorer put him to get the ip of squid server and port , put the site it that made ​​the rules of the FIREWALL and also the ip and Captive Portal door

    Here comes the bullshit ....

    It authenticates and navigates SINCE that in AUTENTICATION ( the squid ) is in NONE

    If I put in AUTENTICATION the Captive Portal ACCESS DENIED time ....

    Where to I missing ?

    I appreciate any hint .....

    Ps . I'm using google translator

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