Hello! Thank you for your interest in TNSR and SCLR. My intermediate step, until consumer equipment actually is getting near solving the throughput challenges with 10gbps, is to build/buy a setup similar to the XG-7100 (great thing with the desktop chassis model!) or the XG-1541, and set it up as a software router. pfSense will probably be my base configuration, in a virtualized setup allowing me to do background configuration of more experimental setups which I switch in and out of active duty, until I see a good setup where I'm getting stable routing for closer to (if not fully saturating) the 10gbps line. The current plan is to make TNSR available on all XG series (desktop and rack mount). I know you're preparing TNSR for on premise configurations, but depending on how the setup is between TNSR and SCLR, do you have any plan on some "beta" or license transition where users who may fit the SCLR use case down the road may help/try out TNSR while slowly moving towards the target of having a SCLR setup running? Great questions, unfortunately I cannot answer them right now because SCLR is under development. I would be happy to follow up with you once more information is available for public. My apologies for not being able to provide better answers today.