How can i use load balancer if i use pppoe

  • it is not can be set in load balancer.only can use routing to set gateways.but if i use pppoe .how can i set gateway?i do not know how to set it work.

  • Unless this has changed since 1.2, you can't. The solution is to put a gateway/router (like a Linksys) in front of your pfsense that handles the PPPoE authentication. This allows the pfsense to see the connection as a static IP.


  • if it is not support .why newest 1.3 support Multiple pppoe? i can not understand what is it mean.if not support pppoe balancer why support Multiple pppoe

  • it's WIP you are treating 1.3 as a release which isn't so stop complaining about it.
    Though, it iwll be implemented in time for 1.3.

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