Cloud Firewalling

  • Hello guys,
    I have a question. Can i use my firewall as a cloud firewall.
    For example, if i have in my home a firewall, can two companies connect to my firewall via INTERNET for firewall in and proxy?

  • This can be done probably but it will require a point to point VPN Between the two customers and yourself and you will need to make sure that you have enough bandwidth to suppor between the two customers and yourself and you will need to make sure that you have enough bandwidth and hardware performance to support it. Not to mention redundancy potentially on both sides.

    Rather than that why don't you put a firewall in their location that is managed by yourself then there will be no need for a cloud firewall.

  • Hi,
    My server has 1GB Bandwidth and i have no problem with hardware.
    I want this, cause i want to rend firewall and i like the idea with one firewall can manage all of my companies.

    My only solution is VPN connection between the router of company and my firewall?

  • Yes you would need to route traffic over a vpn so you still need to deploy a firewall unless you use mpls between yourself and clients but that can get really expensive.  Also you would need to build out redundant system for failover in your location or else if firewall goes down everyone goes down!

    You are better off "renting" firewall to each office and managing each separately.  No single point of failure!  Once a firewall is configured properly you are rarely needing to make modifications.  I have 30+ pfsense firewalls deployed and I rarely have to make changes.

    I do point all the firewalls to a syslog server so I can manage troubleshooting easier.

  • Then tell my, what is Cloud Firewall that sell pfSense?

  • Not sure what you're referring to as the link on my phone does not bring up anything specific.  But it might be referencing the ability to use it as a cloud firewall for cloud hosted systems.  For example I have a hyper V server running in a data center. One of the servers is a pfSense box and I have six virtual machines that pass all their traffic through the pfSense in order to get to the Internet.

    So with that in mind my pfSense firewall is a cloud firewall protecting my cloud servers.

  • aaaah… ok.
    that i work for me. i have a dedicated server with ESXi and i have 6 VMs Servers and all the server is behind the pfSense.

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