IGMP Proxy - how to get it working correctly

  • Hi, I have a small network in which I have a VLC server stream a few streams continuously. All my server are one physically server divided into different virtual machines, with separated VLAN.
    VLC server, VLAN ID : 103
    Pfsense : VLAN ID 13 and VLAN ID 103 - two interface IPTV (VLAN ID 13), IPTV2 (VLAN ID 103)

    Here is my network schematic
    [Client PC]–--VID13----[Switch]–--[Pfsense]–--VID13----IPTV
                                                                    |---------VID103----IPTV2------[VLC Server]
    So I configured my IPTV2 interface (where the video server is) as upstream and my IPTV interface as uptream
    Setup like this my video is not working, I'm sending an IGMP join from my PC and nothing happens… if I switch my upstream and downstream interface it works, but my whole network is flooded (where the VLAN ID 13 is present).

  • Up? I'm attaching my configuration. With this nothing is working.