Skype does not connect with Proxy Marked

  • Heya guys, I'm having trouble using Skype on some machines!
    When I open it appears error (Could not connect).

    I tried to see the SquidGuard log  to see if it marks something and do I don´t see anything!
    If I go in RealTime tab and place the user logged in, does not appear any connection log!

    The strange thing is that unchecking the proxy in browsers, Skype can connect normally! Does anyone have any ideas?

    I'm using pfsense 2.3 with squid + updated squidguard and proxy marked in browsers!


  • Hi joaoheytor,

    Did you try putting in your proxy settings on skype. It's under Tools -> Advanced -> Connection
    Enter your proxy details under SOCKS5 and try again. It should work fine.


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