Cannot get iOS to tunnel into mobile VPN

  • I have followed this tutorial and done exactly what is says:

    When I go to connect to the vpn on my iOS device, it quickly disconnects. No errors at all. The firewall log does not show any traffic coming in from my iphone's IP LTE IP address. Is there anyone else that has had problems like this?

  • I figured out my problem. I was using my synology dynamic dns address as the common name. I created a new one with No IP and added into the pfsense box itself. Redid my certificates and now it connects.

    I am having a different issue now though. It connects and shows me the VPN logo at the top of my phone, but it doesn't appear to be routing through at all. I am trying to go to and its IP and it just hangs. Under mobile client support, I did provide a list of dns servers to clients ( and my pfsense box). I can however, go to the LAN network and see my internal devices there.

    What am I doing wrong?


  • The same issue here.

    Upd. Solved it by adding appropriate p2 entries.

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