Loadbalancing Webservers

  • Hi,

    as written in a post before I have two server running pfsense in front of three webservers. Using the loadbalancer I serve website requests to three webservers on the internal network.

    My colleague now asked me about session stickyness and I had to show him a blank face as I do not know if sessions are sticky and where I could check for this. I have an old Intel NetStructure loadbalancer which will possibly be replaces by the servers running pfSense, but there I have control wether sessions will be sticky or not and if they are sticky how long will the stickyness last.

    An example from the config:
    Protocol port: 80
    Sticky: src-ip
    Sticky time out value: 90 (seconds)
    Duplicate SYN time: 500000 (micro-seconds)
    Maximum response time: 50 (milli-seconds)
    Service priority: 1 (1 - highest to 5 - lowest)
    Backup servers: disabled
    Balancing strategy: Load Balanced

    I know, the main purpose of pfSense is the firewalling and not the loadbalancing, but do I have a chance to configure things like this in the loadbalancing part of pfSense?


  • Hiho,

    any hints on how to check if balanced sessions are sticky or not?


  • @Comradin:

    any hints on how to check if balanced sessions are sticky or not?

    Set it up and observe if your requests continue to hit a particular one of the backend servers.

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