Crontab Job in Pfsense 2.2.3

  • Hi all,
        I want to use pfsense to run my shell script every five mins. In the old version 2.1, it can work. After I upgraded it to 2.2.3, it cannot work again.

    [2.2.3-RELEASE][root@pfSense.localdomain]/home: crontab -l
    */1 * * * * /home/
    */1 * * * * echo H > /home/test.log

    Can someone teach me how to configure crontab job in 2.2.3 version. Thanks.

  • IMHO your first step should be and upgrade to ver 2.3.

    There are too many things that may or may not have changed between now and that old version.
    I'm sure if you do an update and still have problems, many will lend a hand (myself included).

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