Having an issue with my new satalite modem.

  • Hello. Im hoping someone can help me out with an issue i just started having.

    A few days ago my ISP switched me over to a brand new satalite system and gave me a new model. I had to factory restore my PFSense router and run through the setup process (probably wasn't necessary) but after that it worked fine. Until last night. Now every half hour it seems the modem dose something (i have no idea what) that causes PfSense to loose its IP and the only way to get it back is to restart the router. Im guessing this is an issue with PfSense because i switched back to my old cheapo TPLink router flashed with DD-WRT and that has no issues at all.

    So any ideas as to what could cause this? If you need any specific info about my pfsense setup let me know but its pretty standard except i have it setup for static client ip's. Also my ISP is apparently still testing the new system so im guessing they changed something in their end which started this but as whatever they did dose not affect my other router im hoping this can be fixed from sense. Oh and one last think that may help it seems that my upload drops about 10-15 seconds before my download but im not sure if that is relevant.

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