Mikrotik to pfsense VPN. Can get phase 2 to link up

  • Hello,

    The title says it all.  In the Mikrotik it says"failed to pre-process ph2 packet" and in the pfsense it has no Child SA entries in the status.  I've scoured the Internet and this forum for answers.  I usually don't post because there is no problem on Earth that someone else hasn't already run into.  Please help.  Greatly appreciated.


  • I have run tunnels from pfSense to Mikrotik for years and they work fine.
    That message usually indicates a mismatch in the configuration. Post your settings and we'll see

  • My configs and settings are so messed up from tweaking and testing that they would be useless.  It might be better to just get some working ph2 settings from you.  Which setting give you the best luck?

  • pfSense defaults work fine, considering you replicated the settings correctly on RouterOS.

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