Can't delete virtual IP address

  • I must be missing something plain. But i cannot seem to delete a virtual IP address.

    Steps to reproduce are go to Firewall -> virtual IPs. click on the trashcan next to any virtual IP address. The page reloads and the entry is still there.

    I have checked and the particular one i am testing has no carp entries or nat mappings. And no error is displayed.

    What am i missing here? version currently is 2.3 but happened on 2.2 branch as well.

    All the virtual ips we use are of the type "proxy arp" but i can change it to different types and still cant delete any of them.

  • Sounds like you're blocking javascript or your browser's javascript isn't working. You should get a confirmation pop-up after hitting the delete icon.

  • Sorry, i do get the following popup confirmation message, but on page refresh, the rule is still there and it doesnt say at the top anything about applying settings.

  • @ipfftw I have the same problem, did You fix it?

  • I have virtual IP's that Ive deleted in the three years since this thread started so I can tell you this is not a pfsense issue.. Can you try a different browser?

    Try it on your phone possibly??

  • @chpalmer I have tried different browsers but I can’t remove it. I have removed in the past with no problem. I tried also to remove all the outgoing nat. No error appear and after pressing remove and confirm the vip still be present also in the arp table.

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    what version of pfsense, what interface is the vip on? What type of vip did you create? IP Alias, Carp, Other?

    I just created and deleted a vip.. So can not duplicate this problem.

  • @johnpoz Hi , my pfsense is the last version 2.4.4, I have an interface over a vlan .
    I created an Ip alias on this interface but now I can’t remove it. It is strange !! I did it many times but in this case I can’t understand why.

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    You could always pull the vip out of the config, and then reload it.

    Backup, edit xml to remove the vip, restore the backup.

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