Installing Pfsense on CF Card, IDE to CF need advise on size of card

  • Hey guys,

    Purchased an IDE to compact flash adapter on ebay for my friend that decided he no longer wanted it. I was wanting to remove the HDD out of my pfsense firewall, and use my CF card as a harddrive. I am running a general home network 8mbs connection, 4 computers, snort, and detailed logging as well as firewall rules. Do you guys think that a 2gb CF card would be sufficient?

    I like compact flash for the speed, and reliability. Please advise otherwise…

    Thanks guys!!!

  • Running a full install on CF could be very bad for reliability. They have a limited write lifetime. In practice a number of us run full installs on CF and haven't killed one yet.

    2 GB is plenty of space.

  • so is it ok if I install pfsense on a cf?? You say you guys have done it. Is my system going to be unstable?
    And dammit what does ACD0 BIG_ILLEGAL_REQUEST from my cdrom. Multiple cdroms and burns attempted, same error. eh???

    Thanks man

  • Shouldn't cause any stability issues unless/until it kills sectors on your CF.

    BIG_ILLEGAL_REQUEST is "normal", it might show up but it should still go on. If it doesn't, it probably isn't related to that message. See