Want to set up a policy based route for IPV6 traffic but miss a gateway

  • Dear forum,
    I set up a pfsense appliance that should route certain traffic via a OpenVPN connection while taking a direct internet link for other traffic. This currently works well for IPV4 traffic. However, in the IPV6 world I have a problem; the OpenVPN server that I connect to pushes a set of routes to route all traffic via the tunnel but it does not push any route with a gateway (the G flag). I guess that is is for this reason that pfsense does currently not recognize the OpenVPN connection as a gateway that I could use in a firewall rule to control the traffic flow.
    Is there anybody here in this forum, who had a similar situation before? What could I do to solve it? Is it possible to create a firewall rule that will route certain traffic via a certain interface (like the standard routing table does)? Or do I in any case need a gateway for a policy based routing scenario?
    Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

  • You have to assign the OpenVPN interface under Interfaces>assign in order for it to have gateways available.

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