• hey im using pfsense 1.2-release, and ever sine i first made this router and installed pfsense the router tends to lock up after about 3-5 days of usage, so i would just retart it, i wouldn't be able otget on the webgui, console, internet would die, no LAN, everything would just die.  this was fine as long as it came back after a restart.  well tonight while watching some TV shows over my wireless it did it again, except this time it stops after loading freeBSD while loading pfsense.  i get this error message:

    SMP: AP CPU #1 LAunched!

    Manual root filesystem specification:
    <fstype>: <device>Mount <device>using filesystem <fstype>eg. ufs:da0s1a
    ? List valid disk boot devices
    <empty line="">abort manual input


    i reboot and get the same thing. right now im using an old crappy d-link DI-524 so any assistance would be greatly appreatiated so i can retire this d-link again :D thanks.

    P.S. if i type in ? and push enter it gives me this then reprints the same menu:

    List of GEOM managed disk devices:
        ad0s1c ad0s1b ad0s1a ad0s1 ad0</empty></fstype></device></device></fstype>

  • For me it sounds like the install never really worked. I can't give you any hint or smart commands for it.
    If it was my pc i would be looking for a BIOS update and then make a fresh install with the 1.2.1 snapshot (soon to be RC1).

  • alright i'll wait until RC1 gets released and then i'll try a fresh install. i'll update once i try this.