IP / mask / gateway fields are greyed out for WAN / OPTx interfaces

  • When tried a fresh install of "1.3-ALPHA-ALPHA built on Fri Jul 25 16:46:26 EDT 2008" and wished to configure interfaces manually, I've got IP / mask / gateway fields greyed out for WAN / OPTx interfaces in WebConfigurator when type is set to static.
    If I change type to "none" i can modify these fields, but none of them is saved to interface properties.
    The only way to give an interface it's IP address was by means of Setup Wizard. So, OPTx still remain unconfigured.
    Still cannot test wireless… :-)

    What steps could I go to help troubleshoot the problem?

    Thank You!

  • There is a problem with the static IP fields being grayed out when they shouldn't be, it's known and will be fixed likely within the next day or two.