PKG via Proxy slightly broken?

  • Hi there,

    I've got a new install of 2.3 inside a VM. Everything is well, but I'm having issues with all functions that use PKG (Updates and Package Managers). After spending a few days tracing it down I found out that the reason is that the PKG command takes a very long time to complete and NGINX times out. I've increased the timeouts and I can access these functions, but that's not a real solution.

    I'm behind a proxy and I've obviously configured it. All the command line commands work quite well:
    pkg info -x pfSense
    pkg update
    pkg search pfSense-base
    pkg search pfSense-pkg-

    However the search commands take more than 90 seconds to complete. No CPU or disk I/O is generated. So I ran it with truss. It's showing that despite having the proxy configured, PKG keeps trying to resolve loads of DNS names. This keeps hanging and then failing before going back to the proxy and getting the required files. It's doing it for all files, so it takes a very long time to complete and in the meantime the web configuration (nginx) times out.

    I've successfully ran all the pkg commands from command line and even updated the system to 2.3.1. Everything works as it should, just the pkg is not talking to the proxy efficiently. Once the connection to proxy is open it gets the files fairly quickly so this isn't a bandwidth problem.

    Anybody noticed a similar behavior or has any ideas how to fix it?

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    There are a few threads about this, but it should be fine once you get to 2.3.1, we put in a fix for pkg and proxies there.

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