PfSense 2.3 and PPPoE WAN dialing

  • I deploy VMware ESXi virtualised pfSense here in the UK usually behind Draytek Vigor 130 modems, which give you (out of the box) a bridge mode and the ability to deal with ADSL and FTTC connections.

    Up until version 2.3 this has worked well.  However, I have recently done 1 upgrade from 2.01 to 2.3 and done another brand new install with 2.3, and in both instances I've had the WAN drop and never reconnect itself.

    I currently have one of these instances in a customer's remote office where sits a very non-IT lady, and we've arranged that tomorrow she will come into the office and power cycle the Draytek modem which appears to fix the line issue for about half an hour at a time.  We've ascertained from the ISP that the modem is in sync, but no credentials are forthcoming from pfSense.

    Hence, my question is: are there enough changes in 2.3_1 and 2.3.1 over 2.3's functionality which would fix this issue? i.e. in my limited troubleshooting window is the upgrade to 2.3.1 the only thing to pursue?


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