How can i add manual ACL in SquidGuard

  • Hi all ,
    I have Just installed Ipsence, squid & squidGuard & authenticated it by LDAP. Everything is fine but only the security issue. i wanted to devide users in three category 1) freckout users- who have full access 2) Devlopers:- who have limited access, for them i wanna to block porn, Games, unofficial Mail accounts, video sites, yahoo, MSN, or any other sites where they can waste there time 3) normal users :- who have only three to four domain access.

    previously we were using freebsd + pf firewall + squid +squidGuard + LDAP…......there as i mentioned above everything works fine....................... but now wants to move to pfsence

    we added code like this in our previous squidGuard to allow group based access

    source freakout-users {
            userlist /users/conf/squid/freakout-users

    source teamlead-users {
            userlist /users/conf/squid/teamlead-users

    acl {

    freakout-users {
            pass    any
        teamlead-users {
            pass !adv !aggressive !chat !dating !drugs !gamble !hacking !hobby/games !imagehosting !isp !models !movies !music !podcasts !politics !porn !redirector !ringtones !sex/lingerie !socialnet !spyware !violence !warez !weapons !webmail !webphone !webradio !webtv any
        default {
            pass  allowedsites none

    How can i add this to squidGuard under PFSENSE ..........? so any assistance would be greatly appreatiated

  • In current version only modify '/usr/local/pkg/' file. Current version not supported Users option, but in near time mabe added

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