VM Upgrade 2.3 to 2.3.1 Kinda Ok

  • Hey,

    Just thought I'd report that am running the x64 bit version .  Uninstalled my packages, ran the upgrade fine, reboot but the packages failed to reinstall on the upgrade reboot.

    Manually installed the packages and they picked up the settings etc as before.

    The packages I am running are:


    Cheers all.

  • If you ex[licitly uninstall packages before upgrading, then they are not going to install automagically after upgrade. So the sequence you described is expected.

  • Logically, yes, you would think that when you have uninstalled an app that 's it.

    I didn't correctly read the upgrade guide :)

    "It is always safest to remove packages before upgrading to a new major release. Packages will be reinstalled afterward, but are frequently a source of problems. To ensure a smooth upgrade, note the installed packages, remove them, perform the upgrade, and then reinstall whichever packages are necessary."

    I was pretty sure when I upgraded to 2.3 the packages self re-installed on the 1st reboot.  Maybe just a dream :)

    No biggy but I think this part of the guide needs changing a little as it is saying both to me.  Packages will reinstall and you need to reinstall.


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    "but are frequently a source of problems"

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    Huh??  If you uninstalled your packages, how is pfsense suppose to know to reinstall them.. Because you upgraded??

    Shouldn't this sort of question be on the facebook feed?  This sort of question seems more relevant to sort of questions you get there ;) ROFL..

  • Yes you can laugh, yes others can just reprint a single sentence.

    I was pointing out my experience, then my initial mistake and then a suggestion.

    Thank you all for your much valued contribution to this thread.

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    Your more than welcome - any time.. It was my pleasure to contribute and make your day that just much brighter.. Where is my thank you?? ;)

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