Incoming v6 traceroutes are blocked at pfsense box.

  • I have a working native v6 setup (pfsense v2.2.6).  I'm not a stranger to firewall rules with v6.

    I've enabled ICMPv6 (any) to pass through pfsense so i can ping any of my v6 computers on my LAN from the outside internet.

    When i do a traceroute6 from inside my LAN, pfsense is the first hop.  this is normal.

    When i do a traceroute6 from the internet, to a v6 address inside my LAN, the last hop it shows is the hop before my pfsense box.  The pfsense box and the target v6 address dont show up.

    I'm at a loss here.  What am i missing?

  • For future reference, Windows uses ICMP, but Unix based systems default to UDP.

    So unblocking ports 33434 to 33534 over UDP is the answer.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    If I recall the formula is something like

    33434 + (max-ttl * numberofprobes - 1)

    Since each port going to use a different port, where 33434 is the base port.. So for example ding a sniff while doing a traceroute to something behind pfsense I get attached.  So yeah opening up the ports should allow your trace to work when using udp.

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