Quicklinks that has been reported a long time ago but not implemented.

  • Things that has been reported long time ago but has still not been implemented.

    • Add quicklink in: "VPN/IPSec" and "Status/IPSec" to "SystemLogs / IPSec VPN"

    • Add quicklink in: "VPN/OpenVPN" and "Status/OpenVPN" to "SystemLogs / OpenVPN".

    • Add quicklink in: "Status/OpenVPN" to "VPN / OpenVPN"

    • Add quicklink in: "VPN/PPTP" to "SystemLogs / PPTP VPN"

    In general, it would be nice with quicklinks between the corresponding
    Services/VPN <-> Status <-> System Logs

    This would make the administration so much more effective.

    See the following thread dated back in June 2006:

    //Dan Lundqvist

  • There wasn't a feature request open on this, I just added one as I don't have time to implement this immediately.

    I'll add it before 1.3 is final unless someone beats me to it.

  • Thanks cmb!  It is enough to add it before 1.3 is released…

    As this is just things to make administration more efficient it is better to focus
    the attention to the more serious bugs and to implement the features that
    was planned for 1.3 and take these nifties at the end when you have time
    as it shouldn't take to long to add these and can be done when you have
    time over...

    If you want I can take a shot at it and make the adjustments and hand
    it over to you so you could check it into the CVS.

    Best regards
    Dan Lundqvist