DNS with Multi-WAN

  • I'm using three WANs from the same ISP in a load balancing configuration using routing groups. I'm also using the DNS forwarder. Here are a couple of questions:

    1.) What happens if you put "none" as the gateway fields under the General tab?
    2.) Do localhost (pfsense itself) and the DNS forwarding service use the WAN gateway which is set as the default at the current moment?
    3.) If one WAN fails and the failover group takes effect, will pfsense localhost and all of its services failover to using the second in line WAN as well?
    4.) Or do I need to check the "default gateway switching" in the Advanced section of pfsense for this behavior to happen?

    I mean it's easy to set this up if all my WAN's are from different ISP's but that is not the case here. I know it's pretty much useless to use a failover mechanism if they are all from the same ISP but what I'm really after is the load balancing part and I really need to understand how DNS routing behaves with multi-wan routing groups.

    Please help. Thanks.

  • Anybody please?

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