Monitoring a different IP

  • Greetings to all

    Apologies if this has actually been answered already elsewhere, and if so, pointing in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. I did search but its possible my search-fu is terrible today.

    Now to the point, I am happy with the gateway monitor using the gateway address for each WAN interface, however, I would like to test one internet IP (or possibly a tiered group) for all connections for latency. My routing is currently group based, and I find that when the primary connection is capped, I still have to swap it manually as the gateway response remains excellent regardless of cap status.

    I cant seem to figure it out and am hoping someone has the same issues and has a nice resolution to the matter.

    Thanks ever so much and cheers.

  • you can set a different monitor ip @ system>routing>gateways>edit>monitoring ip

  • Yes, I am aware of that one thanks, but I would like to monitor the same IP (or pool of IP's) for both gateways, the system wont allow it.

  • A static route for each gateway is set towards their respective monitor IP.

    You need to pick different ones. ( There are enough anycast addresses available)

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