Upgrade broke vpn

  • I’m running a pfSense 2.3 on a ESXi host. I have 2 IPSec tunnels running, OpenBGP is not installed. So I tried to upgrade and without any issue after a few minutes I’m online again.
    But now the big disappointment: my tunnels don’t come up again.
    After many tries to make it work again I gave up and returned to the previous version, thanks to my backup.

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    And the point here is??  Did you want some help?

    You wanted to rant?  Not sure what kind of response your looking for with such a post?  There is absolutely ZERO information that could help us even make a wild ass guess to what your problem was/is..

  • Sorry for the lack of information. It was just a statement. But help will be welcome to try upgrade again. I’m sorry not to have any logfiles. After several hours of trying I’m happy to be online again so I forgot to save some logs.
    I hoped to get an answer to confirm that the lost of IPSec is a known issue.
    The only thing I remember: my pfSense could exchange some data with the peer but never got established a connection, always stalls with status connecting and no further log entries.

    I found entries like```
    ipsec_starter[14280]: no netkey IPsec stack detected
    ipsec_starter[14280]: no KLIPS IPsec stack detected
    ipsec_starter[14280]: no known IPsec stack detected, ignoring!

    received retransmit of response with ID 0, 
    but next request already sent

    but I don’t know if the problem is one of theses messages.

  • Now I suceed. After give it another try, I could update and my tunnels are still working. I had to edit and save them new to get them online.

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