Can port forward on LAN but not OPT1

  • Hi. pfSense noob here.

    I'm using a Lan interface (192.168.1.x) and I have a second interface OPT1 (192.168.2.x). I forwarded ports on my Lan interface so I can RDP into them from work and it works great. I have a home lab set up on the OPT1 interface and have been trying to RDP into a computer on that interface but can't seem to get it to work. I'm starting to wonder if pfSense even allows port forwarding to anything other that Lan interface. I'm using version 2.3.1.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • You can forward any port and any protocol to any interface you want. There are no limits with this in pfSense.

    If the forwarding doesn't work check, if

    • you have a firewall rule in place allowing the access to the destination or if you set the filter rule generation in the NAT rule to "pass"

    • pfSense is the default gateway on the host you want to reach

    • the access is permitted by the computer you try to reach

  • I set the NAT rule to "pass" and its working. I'm not sure what that did but it works. Thank you!

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