Defective 1U SG4860 or am I overthinking?

  • I had this problem one other time too when I went to reset the box (factory).  I pressed and held the power button and the box turned off.  Now I can't get it to turn on..  Pulled power plug, put it back in..  hit the power button on the back for short times or for long times.. etc.  I made sure the reset button on the front isn't pushed in..




  • Please create an account at the pfSense store and register your device and write an email to the support team.
    I am pretty sure your device is under warranty and they would help you out if this is an hardware issue or failure.

    Here in the forum no one can really help you with that issue.

  • As it turns out, we unracked it, and tried it.. it powered on, and then we re-racked it and it powered on.
    Maybe the moral of the story is to leave it unplugged from power for more than a few seconds.

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