New to pfSense. How does DHCP reservations work?

  • I have a fresh install of pfSense 2.3 on my home network.  I just set up ESXi 6 on one of my servers and I am trying to get the vCenter appliance properly installed.  Since I don't run AD at home, I'm not sure how to manually configure the DHCP reservation for vCenter before installing it.

    I am going to Service -> DHCP Server and down at the bottom of the page I added a static mapping for this interface.  I entered the MAC address, IP address, and hostname, but when I install vCenter, it doesn't pull that IP and the hostname is wrong.  Under General Setup, I set my domain to lab.local but vCenter just shows up as localhost and it never shows up in my DHCP table so I can't ping it.

    DNS Resolver is enabled by default and I checked "DHCP Registration" and "Static DHCP".

    Am I missing something?  Please point me in the right direction.


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    You do understand that vcenter can just have a static IP you set on it right..  Just like any other machine or vm on your network.  You don't have to use dhcp.

    That being said, make sure your using the correct mac for the vcenter nic.. Its not going to be your physical nic mac, but the vmnic in the vm mac.

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