Block all IPv6 Log Entries - please help me to suppress

  • I am seeing quite a few log entries for Block all IPv6 on my firewall log.    I am a home users and do fine with IPv4.

    I would like to suppress these messages and continue to use Block all IPv6 on WAN/LAN firewall rules, but the rules (1000000004, 1000000003) seems to be in a place where users cannot disable logging.

    If I turn Block IPv6 off and reboot, the messages naturally stop.

    Is there a compelling reason to leave IPv6 turned on, say for performance or is it redundant on my home LAN?

    Looks like I may have to block IPv6 with my own rule.    Would appreciate some guidance if this is the case.



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    If you do not want to see blocks for ipv6 by the default rule that seems IPv6 traffic.  Then turn of default rule logging and create your own rule that logs what you wan to see, ie only ipv4

    Your other option if you say your not using ipv6 is to disable it on your clients so they don't send ipv6 traffic, if no ipv6 traffic seen by pfsense default rule, then it won't be logging any ;)

  • So the only IPv6 I should be seeing in logs are clients are asking the router for a DCHP IPv6 address?  Just trying to understand.

    If that is the case, I should be able to narrow down clients with IPv6 turned on in the log, is this correct?

  • IPv6 Addresses in the firewall log do not seem to resolve nor gives an error unable to resolve.  They do nothing.  I am missing something.

  • I disabled IPv6 from command line for my two macs and one windows machine.  I have a load of other LAN clients, cams, wemo, etc that I may not have access to for turning IPv6 off.

    I am seeing the following in the log.

    Cannot seem to embed screenshots from dropbox here, not sure why.  Here is a URL

    I think these are happening between the Surfboard and the router, considering the WAN tag.  None of the addresses resolve.



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    Those are roots servers.. Your doing dns query too.

    So you have resolver running, and pfsense clearly has an IPv6 address.  What do you have setup on your wan interface?

    Handle:  NET6-2001-503-C27-1

    And that source IP is comcast

    Name:  COMCAST6NET

    So yeah you are getting an IPv6 on your wan.. And pfsense is wanting to use that to resolve dns..

    If you don't want ipv6 on your wan, then set that to none.

  • My WAN IP is supplied by Comcast via DHCP.

    WAN 1000baseT <full-duplex>

    I turned IPv6 off in the WAN interface and now it only shows the IPv4 public IP.

    I have All IPv6 traffic will be blocked by the firewall unless this box is checked CHECKED to get rid of the log messages I was receiving

    So now if I turn IPv6 off on the various clients on my LAN, my SG-2440 should not see any requests in IPv6 form, correct?

    Thanks for taking the time to help me!!</full-duplex>

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    Yup.. But as you mentioned it might be possible that there are some devices that continue to try ipv6 with no way to turn it off..  I personally wouldn't want such devices on my network that does not allow you to control such a basic thing.

    But turning it off your clients should yes drastically reduce any ipv6 noise you see.

    If your still seeing too much noise, there is nothing wrong with turning off the logging of default rules and creating your own rules to only log what you want.  I for example don't log anything blocked at my wan other than tcp IPv4 syn traffic.  I don't really care to see all the udp noise that is out there.

  • How would you recommend I resolve an IPv6 request in my log to a hardware client device?  Clicking resolve didn't seem to help me to figure out where the request was coming from.

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    You would most likely need to track it down by mac..  Do a packet capture for the traffic, then find it via its mac address.  You can look up the mac address to what hardware it is, ie the vendor that owns that mac range.  Once you have the mac, if you have smart switch you can find it in your switches mac address table.

    Or see what device has the Ipv4 with that same mac.

  • Thank you very much for helping a pfSense beginner!  I've donated 10 dollars to FreeBSD Foundation as thanks!

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    That is fantastic..  Sure every little bit helps..  If you have any other questions, that is what we are here for..

  • I was going to start the same thread, but found this request. It seems like a perfectly reasonable option to at least offer to disable logging for the global IPv6 switch. Renewing that request.

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    "Renewing that request"

    So you put in a feature request in redmine to disable just ipv6 default rule logging vs default rule logging all together?

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