System logs

  • Is it normal for the system logs to be a few days after a fresh install?

  • What do you mean "to be a few days"? It can be normal to go a number of days with no new system logs.

  • Sorry about that. I was on my smart phone not that it matters.

    Basically I've had the box up for a few days now and just expected more logs as opposed to seeing "no logs to display" under every category.

    Just wondering if this is normal.

  • That wouldn't be normal. You should have system logs from the system's last boot, at least if you didn't clear the log files after booting. In some circumstances it may not log anything in the system log for days afterwards. The firewall log will have a bunch of noise if you actually have a WAN plugged into the Internet that isn't filtered upstream, just random Internet scanning noise. Also assuming you didn't disable default block logging.

  • Thanks for the response. I am going to give it another go this weekend. I will reformat and reinstall pf sense. Hopefully that will fix the issue.

  • Well

    I just booted up my pfsense box again

    and i noticed this during boot up.

    i will reformat reinstall and post again

  • That would explain why it's not logging, it can't write to /var/log apparently. Odd, can't recall any circumstance matching that one offhand. Generally when you can't write to disk it's because the drive is dead/dying, but that results in a significantly different message than that.

  • I can't think of why this happened but I reformatted the disk and reinstalled pfsense. Worked like a charm!

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