L2TP custom IP allocation within subnet

  • Hello, I've set up a new pfsense installation and I can't work out how to do what I want with the L2TP configuration.

    My LAN network is I want L2TP clients to be assigned that network, but I specifically want them to be assigned addresses starting from The pfsense GUI doesn't seem to let me do this - if I try typing in it resets the fields to when I save. The first client that connects receives the address, which is no good.

    The reason I want this is that VPN clients are able to access every host in 192.168/16 without having to make the VPN gateway the default router, i.e., clients can continue to use their own internet connection. This is very useful.

    Ideally I would have the VPN clients on their own subnet and "push" an extra route for 192.168/16 but I don't think this is possible with L2TP, only with OpenVPN.

    Is there any way I can make pfsense do what I need? Many thanks!

    Edit: To make myself clear, I am looking for a setting like this one in Forefront TMG:

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