Can not disable RA

  • My pfSense box is not a gateway. The external interface is disabled, the box bridges LAN to WLAN only. Internal interface is configured to request IPv4 through DCHP and IPv6 via SLAAC.

    In this configuration the box even advertises itself as a router! RA settings are not accessible because there is no interface with a static IPv6 address configured.

    I have to temporarily configure a static IPv6 on LAN interface and only then I can disable RA and switch back to SLAAC.

    Should the menus for DHCPv6 Server and RA be separated?

  • I'd say it's a bug for RA's to be sent on any interface without a static IPv6 address (*).

    pfSense version?

    (*) Actually, sending RAs with link-local address can be a reasonable thing to do. But if the interface you're sending them on has no global address, it's unlikely to be able to route return traffic back to you. And if it has a dynamic global address, then almost certainly there is some other device on the network which would be a better gateway.

  • 2.3.1-RELEASE-p1 (i386)

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