Block ultrasurf

  • hi SIR/MAM

    im  using pfsense 2.3.1 , i have blocked websites through the squid proxy filter…(using shalla's blacklist). i have tried aliases as mentioned before in few forums..few network ip's of ultrasurf..made rules to block doesnot work..i tried pfblock NG also.. now because of ultrasurf,if i apply rules for open vpn  (in pfblocker NG).its bloking all the traffic. then it blocks ultrasurf also...but my internet doesnot works... n if i make rule to block 443..its blocking  whole traffic..sometimes it blockes my private API's also..they are very neccessary for development....

    can i get a solution for ultrasurf for pfsense 2.3.1 ,and i want to access my private api's also..thank you... n sry for my bad english skills

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