• I have a firewall box with 3 nics in it. One is for lan, one is for wan and other is for dmz.  I am provisioned to be able to have 2 public ips but they have to be obtained thru DHCP.  What I want to do is have one public ip to do nat for my lan and use the other ip for 1:1 nat on the DMZ.  I will have my voip adapter on the dmz, and thats it.

    The problem is how can I get 2 public ips thru dhcp on the wan?  Im pretty sure I will have to change the mac address to get the 2nd ip.  Would I have to setup 2 vlans on the wan nic and change the mac address on the 2nd vlan?  What are my choices, best options?  Thanks!

  • There isn't currently a way to get a virtual IP via DHCP.

  • –[ cable modem ] –  [hub] – [ pfsense ] –-[ lan switch ]
                                     |           /           
                                  [ linksys ] /

    get a hub or switch, plug your cable modem into it, along with pfsense WAN interface, and a linksys or other router.

    this way pfsense would pull a DHCP address from the cable modem, and so would the soho router which would then NAT it to a static internal ip for pfsense to use via opt1

    then policy route VOIP to opt1