• Hello,

    I have two DSL connections.
        They both are "gateway load balanced" (for outbound connections)
        using pfsense.

    And It is working fine.

    Now I want to use OpenDNS.

    As my outbound connection is going to alternate between
        2 interfaces (i.e. 2 DSL connection), I assume that external
        site like openDNS would see me as having 2 IP addresses.

    What IP address should I update with OpenDNS?
        And how to make this dual WAN setup work with openDNS?

    -Senthil Kumar

  • System -> General Setup
    add the two OpenDNS ip's and untick "Allow DNS server list to be overridden by DHCP/PPP on WAN"
    Then add a static route for each OpenDNS ip, using 1 of them for wan and 1 for wan2.