[SOLVED] DHCP working fine for months, now stopped assigning leases.

  • Release info:
    2.2.6-RELEASE (amd64)
    built on Mon Dec 21 14:50:08 CST 2015
    FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE-p25
    Running on ESXI 6

    DHCP server has been working find since the day I set up pfsense.  Today it stopped dolling out IP addresses. The DHCP service is running, but no leases are showing. I've rebooted pfsense, and it started working for about an hour, then died. Next time I restarted the DHCP server service, but it hasn't helped. Static address routing works fine for both wired and wireless, so it looks like something with DHCP.


  • UPDATE: DHCP service log showing "database update failed". Continuing to investigate.

  • "database update failed" would usually be a full or dead drive in the system, something preventing it from being able to write to disk.

  • UPDATE 2-

    Ran df -h from shell.  Looks like it's a space issue. Almost all of the file stores listed are at 100% utilization.  I increased the size of the VM storage, but pfsense (freebsd?) is not utilizing it. Haven't found a solution so I'm going to build a new VM with more storage, install pfsense and restore the configuration.  Seems the fastest way to resolve this. If anyone has a better, more efficient option, please let me know. Thanks.

  • Just expanding the drive within your VM environment won't make the guest OS automatically resize the partition. You have to resize the drive within the guest environment:


    Of course, if this is too much work then installing a new VM and porting your config across might be the quickest answer.

  • I never did respond back on the resolution. I did end up rebuilding the VM and reinstalling pfsense, provisioning it with 80GB of storage. No problems running out of space now. Thanks for the help!

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