DNS Resolver and host override aliases

  • AFter updating to pfSense 2.3(.1?) I lost the ability to add/edit aliases for host overrides.
    I have a local server override with several aliases, and when I try to add a new one in 2.3.1 all aliases are lost.

    With a previous config (created on an earlier version) all aliases show up in the list and the resolver is handling them fine.

    Is this a bug?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    I have aliases, running 2.3.1 and just added another one to a host, still have the other aliases, looks fine.

    Sounds like you have some config corruption sort of issue if says works when you load old config.

  • Allright, thanks for replying.

    I'll take a closer look tonight, you might be right that about some config error.

  • Did you try try what I did in my post?

    Can you attach a image of what you want to add? But results in nothing upon saving?

  • I figured it out.

    I had an override for a specific host name, where the first alias was blank, aka the domain root.
    This worked with previous versions, but once upgraded to 2.3 this became a problem as the blank field probably where checked when looking for any aliases. Blank means none, everything deleted and so on.

    I switched the blank value and the specific host name, making the domain root the main override and the original host name an alias, and everything worked perfectly.

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