Diagram check

  • I have been testing combinations for a week now, i can't seem to figure it out. This will be my last attempt i have wasted alot of good cables already. please guide me.

    :'( :'( :'( :'(

  • perhaps something more like this  (i didn't create the image & don't look at the subnetting)

    what is it exactly that you wish to accomplish ? why the spanning tree ?

  • Holy Malony, what are you trying to do there? Why do you waste "good cables" when plugging them into ports? Did you cut them to length?

    • what is "Server" supposed to do?
    • pfSense "WAN" goes to modem, LAN to a switch on your local LAN (your pfSense is reversed)
    • from every device there's one connection to a switch and only one exactly. At least for now.

  • Server is supposed to host a diskless clients.
    Ive got total of 5 nic's, 1 for wan , 1 for portal, 1 for lan , 2 are teamed where it should get ip from Lan's dhcp.
    Thats what i was thinking there should only be one connection to a switch and only one exactly :3

  • Something like this has a chance to work for you

  • My pfsense was running on a VM. here a clearer diagram.

  • @kenmark:

    My pfsense was running on a VM.

    Glad you told us early on…  ::)

    Still get rid of those double/triple connections to the switches AND the interconnection between them.

    BTW: what exactly is not working? You never told us (except for dumping "good cables" for whatever reason).

  • I have tried pinging from the console and it was fine.
    DHCP was fine.
    Everything is up on the server.
    Internet on my LAN is not working., it can't connect to the internet.

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