Ping, Traceout working but no internet..

  • Hello fellow pfSensers

    I have pfsense latest update with 3 NICs

    Wan is connected to Surfbeam2 Satellite router no public ip

    Lan is connected to Ubiquiti NanostationM2


    some notes

    When i connect my Surfbeam directly to my pc i get a 10.x.x.x ip with a 10.x.x.x gateway dhcp,, althought when i attempt to
    access the router via web browser is use

    now on status/gateways/gateways the 10.x.x.x gateway is ALWAYS offline with WAN on DHCP, i tried adding a static ip of and gateway on the WAN card
    Then i get ONLINE ( and able to ping but still no internet,,, i think this is due to SURFBEAM's dhcp handing different ips than the ones i used  ( still cant explain why gateways is online though).. cant ping on webconf

    this was done all with LAN

    then i tried setting Lan ... static wan setting with with .1 as gateway..

    i can ping facebook ... all working ...

    still no internet on my pc though..

    tried requesting ips directly from my web browser eg:  ..  ip changes to still no internet though

    last attempt i connected a phone to the wireless lan .. tried and i got prompted to open my youtube app.. but still no internet ...

    i have no gateway on my lan setting..

    tried every single firewall rules

    source ( any ) to ( any ) protocol (any) all the different combinations..

    disabled packets filtering just to double check .. still nothing ..

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