• Hi everybody

    Sorry for my english…

    I have now big problem with new version.
    I install network for event (wifi event, sport event or video live)

    I use special satellite connexion on truck

    when i when download file, or when i try to do speedtest or send live video streaming.. my port WAN 1 change statut and stay on OFFLINE few minutes

    and i can t do nothing on internet...

    For everythink run i need desactive WAN monotoring
    but time to time in use 2 LINK... WAN1 and WAN 2 and if i desactive monitoring routeur can t see if i have link down... so it s dangerous for me...

    Have you idea for help me ?...

    thanks a lot


  • Give that you are using a satellite connection, you need to adjust the latency thresholds to higher values. Check the latency under load using ping, and then adjust the threshold values for the connection on the gateway edit page (System/Routing/Gateways/Edit) in the advanced section.

  • yes my latency is minimum 700ms.. and max 1000 or 1200

    do you know where exactly i need change ? (my english is bad)

    thanks a lot for your help

  • Go to the routing gateway page (System / Routing / Gateways) and select the edit action (looks like a pencil) for the gateway you want to configure. Scroll down and click on the "Display Advanced" button and look for "Latency thresholds"

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